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Saturday, 22nd July 2017
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Gladly Solemn Sound at Martindale

MartindaleThe Gladly Solemn Sound West Gallery Choir will be singing in the ancient setting of Martindale Old Church near Ullswater in the Lake District on Sunday 15th June at 2pm.

Songs that were sung in the 18th century in the valley will feature as well those which were passed down from the late 17th century choir master John Jackson the second, to his descendent John Wright.

The choir also sings shape note songs by composers like William Billings, and arrangements of poems such as Gray's Ellergy in a Country Graveyard.

The more energetic attendees can take the Ullswater steamer from Glenridding or Pooley Bridge and then a gentle 2 mile walk to Martindale. - Or alternatively, drive via Pooley Bridge and Howtown.

Entry is free but donations are very welcome.

For more details of this event and other singing workshops and concerts visit the Lakeland Voice link below.

Lakeland Voice

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