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Thursday, 22nd June 2017
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The Folk Music Hall Of Fame!

Mike HardingThis Sunday 5th Jan sees the launch of The Folk Music Hall Of Fame. Each week I will enter into the FMHOF one or more singers/musicians/groups/duos/ producers etc.

These will be individuals or organisations that have made a major contribution to the folk music of these islands and there will be a small citation and a picture plus links through to other sites where a fuller picture of the people concerned can be found.

I had the idea many years ago in a previous professional life and put it up as a project - it was never taken up and when I started my own show 53 shows ago I thought of creating it then - but work and other stuff distracted me.

So now - here it is - I think most people will agree with the choices I have made for the first show there is no particular pecking order of introduction - my main concern is always the feel and form of each individual show so it may be that somebody like Cecil Sharp doesn't appear until show 4/2014 - I don't know yet.

What I do know is that it will be good to honour the many people who have made such an inspiring and enriching contribution to the music of these islands and - being a virtual Hall of Fame - we can just keep adding rooms when it gets full.

- Mike Harding


The Mike Harding Folk Show

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