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Friday, 22nd March 2019
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Upcoming: Oysterband - Diamonds On The Water

OysterbandRagged Kingdom, Oysterband’s reunion collaboration, with the English folk legend June Tabor, was fROOTS Critics’ Poll Album of the Year, Mojo Folk Album of the Year, won three BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards and saw the group featured on Later… With Jools (BBC2 TV).

After two years touring that project, Oysterband is now very happy to announce a new studio Oysterband album, Diamonds on the Water, to be released on 17 February 2014  -  their first new collection of original songs in seven years.

"It was time", says fiddler Ian Telfer, "to get back to some of the other things we do best  -  make new music and get out there on the road."  And in fact they will be touring full-on in UK through November 2013 and February/March 2014 (see pages 3-4 of this press release).

Singer John Jones took time from the studio to talk here about the new album:

"After Ragged Kingdom, which was a kind of re-immersion in traditional song", he says, "it seemed so important to us to get back to working on our song-writing skills in the light of that.  We’ve loved every bit of the collaborative projects  -  which include the Big Session Festival too, of course  -  but the writing is a vital part of our growth and continuity as a band.  And if we can give a little back to the folk tradition, so much the better".

These are the first Oysterband recordings since the departure of Ray "Chopper" Cooper to pursue a solo career. Al Scott, the band’s long-time producer, has stepped in on bass and mandolin, and, says John, "with the power and inventiveness of Dil [Davies]’s drumming, our sound has become simpler and punchier, as it was in the early days.  Over a summer of great festivals, including Glastonbury, we stripped the sound down and went for it, with Al and Ian singing more to support guitarist Alan Prosser’s backing vocals.  We all had to dig deep to make something new.  And it has had a great reaction".

"The song-writing has certainly begun to flow.  We’re searching as usual for uplift in the melodies and insight in the words… and there’s maybe an element of the autobiographical this time round. The writing has had the effect of throwing Alan, Ian and myself back together again as the main creative focus of the group. Not an easy thing when, after so many years, the cushioning and supportive mortar of Chopper and June is taken away from between three sharp-edged stones! Thankfully there was little sound of grinding - we do understand where each other’s songs come from".

"As usual we recorded in Brighton, where we can draw on the skills of many friends, quite an impressive bunch actually" - including Adrian Oxaal, "a Brighton mate", former lead guitarist with the band James, but also a fine cellist.  Adrian will be appearing on the album tours.  Rowan Godel, who often sings on John’s ‘walking tours’, came in and added "an emotional vulnerability" to some songs as well as "an uninhibited quality when she soars".  Lindsey Oliver played double bass "to give us that warmth and swing at the bottom end".  Ex-Oysterband drummer Lee Partis even dropped in and added his distinctive high harmonies to a couple of tracks, and Pete Davison (trumpet), Eira Owen (French horn) and Sarah Leeves (euphonium) contributed splashes of brass.

What has emerged with these new recordings is a feeling of warmth, both musical and personal, that makes the songs come alive.  "We had sessions where we all just gathered around two microphones. It has a wonderful sound and this ‘choir’ of varied voices has become an essential part of the album."

"It was always going to be a challenge emerging from Ragged Kingdom. It became our mission to feature, on this album, what is missing from Ragged Kingdom but is characteristically ‘us’.  We have a strong core identity, and we flatter ourselves that we’ve been one of the most consistently creative folk and rock bands over a long period.  Diamonds on the Water certainly feels like the start of a new chapter."

Diamonds on the Water is released on February 17th 2014.  Tour dates in the region covered by this site are below.

Thu 13 Mar       
01539 725133
doors 19:3o £17.50  SEATED

Fri 14 Mar        
08432 086000    
doors 19:30 £17.50 SEATED 
Sat 15 Mar       
01200 421599    
doors 19:30 £17.50 SEATED

Tue 18 Mar        
01132 430808    
doors 19:30 £18.50 SEATED

Fri 21 Mar      
01142 789789    
doors 19:0o £20 SEATED


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