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Monday, 24th April 2017
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Bellowhead - Christmas Bells/Jingle Bells

Bellowhead ChristmasWe are rapidly approaching that time of year when our poor ears will be assaulted with the toe-curlingly cheesy Christmas music issuing from television, radio and retail outlets.  However, this year we will have some relief from the usual fare in the form of a Bellowhead’s Christmas single "Christmas Bells/Jingle Bells."

"Christmas Bells" is based on a mummers’ play with plenty of "in comes I" and little snippets of "Deck the Hall". The usual characters appear – Father Christmas, the loathsome dragon and the quack doctor. Interestingly it is Prince George of Britain who comes in to save the day and not St George (to whom could they be referring one wonders?)  The verses are full of the usual Bellowhead chaos with lots of brass, but the choruses are a tongue in cheek nod to the interminable Christmas "hits" with gentle tinkling bells. Towards the end one hears the lyric "Here’s hoping that we’ve pleased the company." – yes Bellowhead, you certainly have!

The version of "Jingle Bells" here is the one performed by Bellowhead on the BBC Christmas sessions a few years ago.  Here they manage to turn the verses into a gently sleazy waltz while the chorus descends into typical Bellowhead bouncy madness.  Great fun!

Thanks Bellowhead – and Merry Christmas!

- Shelley Rainey



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