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Tuesday, 22nd August 2017
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Tom Yates - Love Comes Well Armed

Tom YatesTom Yates surprised me immediately with his voice, it sounded like a mix of stereotypical country and Beatles. I wasn’t very sure what to expect from this but quickly found myself bopping along to the opening track, Rooster Grady.

What is interesting about Love Comes Well Armed, is that none of this is new. Sadly Tom Yates himself died of Leukaemia in 1993. All of the tunes are re-mastered from his stretch during the 1980s and are out for release again.

His vocals sound very distinctive, but also have a warmth of familiarity that could probably be put under the same umbrella as other artists. Parts of Before I Die really does sound like one of the Beatles if they had chosen to take up country rather than pop. Some may object to me using this description but I think it works so well, especially when you know they are not that far apart time wise.

His musical talents are also to be greatly commended as he plays soft and delicate tunes under his vocals, making his songs warming like a sip of whisky or sitting near a fire place. The title track Love Comes Well Armed in particular is gripping.

Of course there are mixtures of songs with Loves Philosophy being much more relaxed and slow compared to tunes like The Man I Really Am which is bouncy and jolly.

A wonderful collection to honour a great artist.

- Paul Rawcliffe

Love Comes Well Armed was originally released 1977 by President Records.  It has been reissued by Epona Records.  Also available on the same label by Tom Yates, are Love is Losing Ground (reviewed here) and Song of the Shimmering Way .


Epona Records

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