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Saturday, 22nd July 2017
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Gawkey - Sing an Honest Song

GawkeyGawkey is a duo consisting of Matt Morton and Nigel Walker, a singer/guitarist and a violinist. This is of course the bread and butter of folk music so there is this early expectation on Gawkey. They do thoroughly live up to this and give us wonderful, un-blemished music to enjoy.

Their recently released album Sing an Honest Song is a very fitting name for their music. To me this spells out the album. It is two gentlemen singing a few honest songs. The opening track, Love’s Got all the Sweetest Tunes is a beautiful track, sung to perfection with a brilliant musical backing.

The second track, If I Had My Time Again is possibly my favourite on the whole album. It is sung very well and the played by clear experts (I realised later that the tune of this was familiar, similar to Spiers and Boden’s ‘Bold Sir Rylas’).

Gawkey is first and foremost a performance band. They are at their best when playing to an audience and this comes across a lot on the actual music. It is slightly disappointing to hear their music coming out of a speaker. It instantly makes you want to find where they are next playing live and go see them.

Gawkey also shows a variety of playing styles through the album, mixing slower songs with faster tunes, Henry O’Brien in particular, is a good example of a slower track which then goes faster through the track and then slower again.

Overall the tunes are fun, and quite distinctly folky. It is a combination of keeping to traditions and trying to put fresh spins on tunes, Angel of the Archway Road being a good example.

- Paul Rawcliffe



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