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Monday, 24th April 2017
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Will Varley - As The Crow Flies

Will VarleyFolk music albums seem to getting rather grand of late, with string arrangements and production that's not exactly lavish, but on the road to getting there.  Not that one can go around telling artists how many instruments they should use, but sometimes you hanker for simpler times – a guy, a guitar and a good tune.  Thankfully for that there's Will Varley, who has the happy knack of sounding as if he's in your living room.

The deal based musician, writer and film maker released his second album, As The Crow Flies, at the start of this week and it's just the thing for the jaded musical palate, with frog in the throat vocals and lively acoustic guitar.

Ultimately a pared back approach relies on the song writing being up to snuff – and it is, with the mood ranging from mischievous humour to dark and tense.

There's a bit of larking about on I Got This E-Mail, with Will job hunting on the World Wide Web to please his mum, only be distracted by the promise of riches from an internet scam artist.  David Cameron and Nick Clegg put in appearances later on as the scope widens.  It's that kind of song.

Weddings and Wars chronicles the history of the world in just under four minutes, with some cutting commentary along the way.  Any number that makes you laugh and think at the same time has much going for it.

But best of all is the outstanding Blood and Bone.  A poet seeks inspiration from the local shaman and pays a heavy price for doing so.  Shivery stuff.

There's a tour to support the album and gigs in the area covered by this site are listed below.  Going to see Will Varley would be a good idea.  As would picking up a copy of As The Crow Flies, just in case you've forgotten what folk music is all about.


26/09/13 Manchester - Castle Hotel
27/09/13 Winsford - The Red Lion
28/09/13 Hebden Bridge - Marco’s
29/09/13 Leeds - The Clock Cafe
30/09/13 York - The Black Swan

- Les Pilling


Will Varley

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