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Monday, 26th June 2017
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Rumours of Rain - A Folk Band Aid

Cathryn Craig and Brian Willoughby wrote Rumours of Rain in 2003.  The lyrics were sparked when Cathryn heard a young war victim describe how bombs from the sky, looked like heavy rainfall. One Saturday morning, mid-shave, Brian had the idea of inviting some friends to help record the song.

The first person he called, was Ralph McTell and when he enthusiastically agreed to be involved, the flood gates opened. Tom Paxton, Nanci Griffith, Martin Carthy, Jacqui McShee, Benny Gallagher, Lindisfarne's Rod Clements, Steeleye Span's Rick Kemp, Fairport Convention's Gerry Conway, Ric Sanders and Chris Leslie, Strawbs Dave Lambert and Chas Cronk, Bob Fox, Tommy Sands, Martyn Joseph, Clive Gregson, Steve Tilston, Jez Lowe, Derek Brimstone, Emily Slade, Steafan Hannigan, Saskia Tomkins, Harvey Andrews, studio engineers Ron Angus, Dylan Gallagher, Marcy Marxer, Jim Demain and David Streit and videographers Alan Messer, Chris Sansom, Kevin Stoney, Adam Dunlop, Gary Shore, Pete Ely and Phil Paine all came on board. The recording was done in Washington D.C., Nashville, Milton Keynes, Acton, Sunderland, Cardiff and Hampton and most of it was filmed!

In November 2004 the single Rumours of Rain by Folk For Peace, came out on the German label, Hypertension, but was totally eclipsed by LIVE 8. The BBC was completely unhelpful and the record received no attention. Cathryn and Brian have no idea how many copies were sold, because numerous attempts to contact Christian Thiel of Hypertension, received no response.

The idea was to raise funds to help children injured in war zones and Brian met with Baron David Puttnam, Vanessa Redgrave and her son Carlo Nero, with a view to getting UNICEF involved. They were all genuinely interested in the effort, but the financial controllers of UNICEF would only allow the use of their name for an unattainable fee. (Cathryn and Brian had already shouldered costs of studio hire and videographers.  All the artists involved, generously paid their own expenses.)

Cathryn and Brian still believe the project has legs and with a bit of sharing it can be brought to the attention of more powerful people.   So share this article or a direct link to the video on Facebook, Twitter or any forums or other social media that you take part in and let's get the ball rolling.

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