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Friday, 23rd June 2017
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What's the Gen on the Halstead Clan?

Halstead ClanThe Halstead Clan are a (kind of) folky-poppy kind of band from Bradford, to use their own words.  They comprise Matthew Broadbent (vocals) father Nigel Broadbent (bass) and David Zdanowicz on lead guitar who also produces the recorded output.

Their debut release, the Halstead Clan EP, received considerable air play on both sides of the Atlantic and the band have now taken a break from rehearsing a full, five piece live outfit to record the sequel, working title Fine Hopes, which should be available shortly.

“If our songs go over 3 minutes in length I start to get a nosebleed!” says Matthew.  “The main aim is to make simple, catchy music that people can fall for on the first listen.

"We've known each other so long that this is mainly a way for us to write and produce the songs we've always had in our hearts.  We’re doing it for us more than anything, but people seem to really like the songs, so that’s cool!”


The Halstead Clan

05 Crying Shame by The Halstead Clan

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