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Monday, 26th June 2017
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Tim Edey and Brenan Power - Band on the Wall

tim edey brendan powerA modest but deeply appreciative crowd joined Brendan Power and Tim Edey on a joyous and astonishingly played tour of the world's traditional music at Manchester's always lovely Band on the Wall.

The harmonica and guitar/accordion duo set up is not a common one but allowed the players huge flexibility and range. That range extended to tunes from not only Ireland (the crucible of the trad folk tune session) but to China, Eastern Europe, a wonderful Aussie blues hybrid and even the 'Kent delta' for a Brendan Power solo tune, decorated with some surprising beat-boxing.

The playing was without compare; a guitar playing colleague spent large parts of the set open mouthed. Also the sense of fun and inclusiveness generated on the stage was a pleasure to be part of. A great evening and an event were this critic can find nothing to be critical about.

- wiggiehuggy


Tim Edey and Brendan Power

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