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Saturday, 22nd July 2017
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The Anti-Capitalist Roadshow Hits Liverpool

North West Folk music clubs picThe Anti-Capitalist Roadshow finds its way to Liverpool with a performance at Sefton Park Palm House on Saturday 10th November.

Artists confirmed are Peggy Seeger, Frankie Armstrong, Robb Johnson, Grace Petrie, Janet Russell, Jim Woodland and Ian Saville

Leon Rosselson explains that the Anti-Capitalist Roadshow was created "to raise spirits and give hope and cheer and a smile or two to those angry at the ideologically driven austerity programme imposed by this millionaire government on all but the elite, and in particular on the poor, the vulnerable and the disabled. We are part of the resistance to a capitalism that functions only on behalf of the wealthy, that aims to shrink the public sphere and privatise public services, including the NHS, and that is destructive to the planet. We are part of another way of looking at the world."

The Anti-Capitalist Roadshow has enjoyed enthusiastic audiences and sold-out shows in Leicester, Leeds, Hebden Bridge, London, Portsmouth, Shoreham and St Albans. November and December 2012 sees more shows in Halifax, Wellingborough, Newcastle, Sheffield, and William Morris's home town of Walthamstow.

The show is presented by Liverpool Acoustic and Sefton Park Palm House, in association with News From Nowhere and Radical Liverpool.

Doors open at 7.00pm and the music runs from 7.30pm to 10.30pm. Tickets are 10 with 6 concessions and are available from the link below or From News From Nowhere on Bold Street without a booking fee.


Anti-Capitalist Road Show Tickets
Sefton Park Palm House
Liverpool Acoustic
Radical Liverpool

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