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Saturday, 22nd July 2017
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James J Turner - How Could We Be Wrong?

Put How Could We Be Wrong, the album from Liverpool based James J Turner into the computer CD slot and ITunes tells you the genre is 'rock'.  It's not quite that simple.
While Turner's voice is undoubtedly that, the instrumentation belongs to folk – Henry Priestman on accordion, Mark Knight's violin and Vicky Mutch with Cello.  Added to that Turner himself provides mandolin, whistles and Bodrhan as well as acoustic guitars.

So, it's folk-rock then?  No it's not that either.  Think of the occasional acoustic offering that comes from hard rock bands and you'll get the idea.  This is not to suggest any plagiarism, it's just a matter of putting the sound into context.

Categorisation aside, is it any good?  Well, yes it is.  The quality is a little variable – all songs are self-penned, with some more memorable than others, but there's plenty to like here.   The opening track is an energetic affair, driven on by Etienne Girard's bass and with Paul Walsham beating the shit out of his drumkit.  How could we be wrong? asks Turner.  How indeed, and you wouldn't argue with him ‘cause he doesn't sound best pleased.

At the other end, the album closes out well with three quieter melodic tracks, Blow Away, Tomorrow's Another Day and best of all, Around The Next Corner.  The folk influence is clearer and the accompaniments more lush.

In between, the powers that be get a rightful kicking on Silver and Gold and there's a fulsome and pleasing low-note background on Beyond the Pain that tends toward the hypnotic. 

There's nothing particularly original or subtle here, but then that's not the intention.   This is a musician who's done more than his fair share in front of a microphone returning to his roots.  The album should have no shortage of takers

The title track from How Could We Wrong is released as a single on June 21st and there's currently a campaign to get it air time on the radio.  Let's hope for success on that one.  Sat in the garden on a summer's day with a few beers for company it'll sound just fine blaring out of a rock FM channel.


James J Turner

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