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Monday, 26th June 2017
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A Most Unusual Record

Folk Ian Reynolds ShredsManchester born Ian Reynolds might unwittingly have written a new chapter in the story of how the public consumes its music.

According to new figures issued by PRS, 35.4% of music is now purchased in the form of downloads, a rise of 43% on the previous year, so it would seem that the future for hard-copy music sales is bleak. However, that might change if the concept of Ian’s new album Shreds (Limefield LFCD 0012) is adopted by the music business’s big players, because it is delivered in a seven inch square format and the CD is housed inside the accompanying literature, rather than vice-versa, as has been the case until now,

Early reviewers of Shreds coming from the specialist folk music broadcasting fraternity have hailed the presentation of the new work as ‘exceptional’ and ‘ground breaking’. As far as Ian is concerned, it’s the realisation of a long-held vision:

“I’ve never been satisfied with CD packaging. I’ve always thought it detracted from the experience of adding artwork, written lyrics and sleeve notes to a collection of songs or music. What’s to love about a plastic case and with a flimsy little leaflet written in tiny print? So I thought, ‘why design a book to fit into a CD case, when we could design a book that the CD fitted into.’”

reynolds music“A friend of ours told me that, these days, he buys a CD, uploads it onto his computer, syncs it with his i-pod, then puts the CD with the others in a large cardboard box in the garage”, Ian explained.

“From the viewpoint of an artist, I think that’s an opportunity to communicate and to entertain your audience that’s been missed. In adding value to the product, there’s the carte-blanche to create something quite special. In terms of longevity in the hands of the buyer, the 7 inch book format beats the boring old way CD way of presenting music hands down. It’ll be quite a while before it’s consigned to the garage!”

Shreds costs £15 and is available for purchase in person at Cobwebs, Tottington, on line, email, or at live concerts given by Ian Reynolds with Paul Cowham.

For More Information please contact Yvonne Reynolds-Young

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