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Saturday, 22nd July 2017
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A Band Reborn

albion bandThe new generation Albion Band have now begun their UK tour and have three dates in the region covered by this site.

Founded some time in the middle ages, the band now has a sparkly new line up that comprises Blair Dunlop (son of Ashley Hutchings) Gavin Davenport, Katriona Gilmore, Ben Trott, Tom Wright and Tim Yates (of Blackbeard's Tea Party, who will be only the band's 2nd bassist after Hutchings. No pressure there then.)

According to a statement on the website: 'This new line-up recaptures the spirit of The Albion Band's heyday with a rockier, edgier approach to traditional English folk music. Taking the unique character of classic era Albion Band and fusing it with award winning song writing and a contemporary rock and indie vibe, this is the new sound of 21st century English Folk-Rock.'

More details on the link at the bottom.

Band on a Run

Wigan based folk rockers Merry Hell will be doing a spot of jogging over the weekend of 27th to 29th April.

Members of the band, crew and fans/friends will be running the length of the Leeds-Liverpool canal in order to raise money for and awareness of The Stroke Association.

Things get under way on Friday the 27th with a gig at Hebden Bridge Trades Club and after finishing the run on Sunday there will be another performance at Mello Mello in Liverpool.

In between, the grunt work starts on Saturday morning, in relays, with each person allotted a stint according to their ability. There will be stop offs at pubs along the canal bank to play busking gigs on the way. Five members of the band will be putting in running shifts, but the crew and friends will run legs of the relay whilst the band are doing 15-20 sets in the pubs.

Anyone interested in doing a relay leg - at least 5k appreciated, then get in touch through the website or facebook.

Jangly Folk Pop

Rob Thom, who divides his time between London and Kansas City USA has just released his latest single as a download on ITunes, Amazon and all major download sites.

Just the Kind of Thing is a tribute to finding new friends in strange places, and features duelling guitars and mandolin.

The video that accompanies the song, which can be seen on the website is a Michel Gondry and Wes Anderson-inspired animation. The scenes and figures were hand-painted and filmed by Rob himself with some amateur puppetry help from friends.

Just the Kind of Thing is from Rob's forth-coming debut album, Trapped & Free, a collection of 11 acoustic folk pop songs, written and crafted on the London live circuit. He has a handful of North West gigs later this month.


Albion Band
Merry Hell
Rob Thom

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